troy_dixon-240x300As a self-made man with over 20 years of experience in the world of finance, Troy Dixon understands the important role of mentorship, personal development, and community in a volatile, ever-changing world.

After all, behind each success story is a legion of family members, mentors, teachers, and role models with one thing in common: their belief that their chosen one will succeed.

Indeed, much of his passion for philanthropy and mentoring others stems from his own personal journey. Troy was born to a middle-class family from Hollis, Queens.  After taking advantage of the opportunity to join the fabled Salomon Brothers training program, he climbed through the ranks of the finance world. He rose to managing director at Deutsche Bank, working as a member on various finance industry trade groups before founding his own firm; Hollis Park Partners.  The name pays homage to where he grew up to where he lived in Duane Park, Tribeca, one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country.  Black Enterprise Magazine named him as one of the “Top 75 Most Powerful Blacks on Wall Street.” in 2011 and in 2015 Institutional Investor named him one of their “Hedge Fund Rising Stars”.

During his ascent, Troy noticed a startling uniformity amongst his Wall Street colleagues: many of them came from the same backgrounds, attending the same handful of Ivy League schools, enjoying the same limited range of activities, and hailing from the same ethnic groups. There were few, if any, minority men and women working in finance, and fewer still working in the hedge fund industry.

Towards that end, Troy has dedicated himself to mentoring and nurturing future African-Americans, women, and people of color who wish to work in finance. He is heavily involved in a number of philanthropic, social, and educational organizations, including Boys Hope Girls Hope, the Bridge Golf Foundation, College of the Holy Cross, and Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater.

The Bridge Golf Foundation

bridge-golf-foundationtroydixon-2From his time in finance, Troy understands that there are many intangible skills that are critical to success—skills that extend beyond the classroom and boardroom. For that reason, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Bridge Golf Foundation, a unique, Harlem-based nonprofit. Not only is the Bridge Golf Foundation dedicated to making golf more accessible to those who may lack the means to try golf, but the Foundation is also committed to building a dynamic, inclusive community that includes golf, STEM-centered after-school activities, and other cultural and educational events.

Boys Hope Girls Hope

boysandgirls-logoTroy sits on the board of Boys Hope Girls Hope, a faith-based organization dedicated to bringing out the best in all children, regardless of background. In this capacity, Troy works closely with Boys Hope Girls Hope, providing strategic vision and guidance to further its mission of creating a safe, nurturing space for all children to succeed.

The Apollo Theater

843490_1Born to parents from Harlem, the historic area holds a special place in Troy’s heart, and in particular, for the Apollo Theater. Not only is the Apollo the quintessential embodiment of African American culture, creativity, and strength in the face of adversity—it was also the site of happy Saturday outings for his parents.  As a member of the Apollo’s board of directors, Troy has dedicated himself to helping the Apollo stay relevant in a changing world, donating funds and working alongside other directors to bring quality programming and self-sufficiency to the historic space.

College of the Holy Cross

college-of-the-holy-cross-logo-300x101Additionally, Troy is a member of the President’s Council of his alma mater, College of the Holy Cross.  He played varsity football and baseball during his time there.  Inspired by memories of the single-minded unity that comes from being on a close-knit team, Troy donated funds for the installation of an artificial turf field at Holy Cross, so that future players can avoid the difficulty and danger of a slippery, muddy field.

Hiring initiatives

Troy understands that diversity, be it race, religion, or gender, is an advantage, as such diversity brings varied viewpoints, approaches, and strategies—strengthening any organization. As such, to help level the playing field for underrepresented groups, Troy Dixon has started an internship program to include only women and minorities.

For more information, visit Troy Dixon’s personal blog: TroyDixon.com